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The UK Government require a business to be VAT registered if they are selling products worth less than £135 into the United Kingdom. Some of our short kits and full kits do not meet the required threshold of £135. We are reluctant to send these as they could be turned back or destroyed. Normally kits over this value are passed through to the local post office where the VAT is paid. Please take this into consideration when ordering. If you desperately want to buy the kit, consider getting together with a friend and order an extra kit to get around this bureaucracy!

We have been investigating shipping options to give our customers an alternative to the service we offer. We have had some issues that have been caused by the breakdown of some countries international courier services during the current pandemic that has engulfed most countries. We have been trialing a local company that offers a service with DHL - at this point it seems to be a slightly more expensive service but it does seem to be more reliable given DHL has its own transport network. The company is Jetkrate and can be found here.

Jetkrate Limited

There will be a slightly different ordering system than currently offered. If you want to utilize these people, the best way will be to contact us, requesting to use the service , we will generate an invoice for you for the kit less the freight component, then you can register with these people to pick up the kit and dispatch it to you after freight payment.

If you have any questions, please dont hesitate to contact us.

Take care and stay safe

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de Havilland DH.80A Puss Moth 88", 90 Size

Our Latest in house design of the DH.80A Puss Moth, is a unique kit. The kit offers folding wings and the stunning design of the actuated main struts. With its 1/5th scale and 88" wingspan the model is impressive in the air, but still easy to transport.

With this kit you have the unique opportunity to build a stunning model from the golden area of flight.


Aurora 64" 60 Size Classic Pattern

The Aurora is another National title winner designed and flown by Mr Masahiro Kato.
Working from the plan we have carefully recreated this model as a laser cut short kit. MK Kits were famous for their carefully sculpted balsa wood blocks, and we have replaced these with layers of laminated shapes, to allow you to easily re-create the models flowing lines. All of the laminated parts are labeled as per the original plan.


Novi Arrow 70" 60 Size FAI Classic Pattern

From South Africa, where the art forms are expressed in strikingly elegant lines, comes the Novi Arrow. This internationally renowned FAI pattern bird flies with a gazelle's gracefulness,yetit's a lion in competition designed by John Brink 1970th.

Does the extra trouble in construction warrant the results? Well­ build one and be convinced it does.


Tokyo - Echo Classic Pattern Ship

This is a classic 1964 low wing model that was designed by Mr Azuma Kudo of Japan. It was originally designed as a single channel model (on ailerons!). Fortunately, multi-channel radios started to become available, and it was possible to start to fly aerobatics or “stunts” as they were called back then.

see it here

Taurus 70" Classic Pattern

Re live the 1960’s – even if you weren’t there!

Ed Kazmirski’s Taurus is a classic design of its era. He was world champion in 1960 with his own designed Orion and then flew the Taurus in Switzerland in 1962, finishing 3rd overall. The strength of this design was evident in that 16 of the 38 competitors flew a Taurus.

(Thanks to Evan Pimm for the photo).

See it here

Spook 72

The Spook design first appeared in 1940 as a 48” and a 72” wingspan model. It appears to have been a very successful model and has all the characteristics of models from that era – lots of wing area, large tail surfaces and a high lift wing section.  

We have taken redrawn the wings and tailplane to create a full-size builders plan for the 72" model, to allow easy building of this gorgeous vintage model. The plan and kitset include information and material to build functional rudder and elevator for RC.


Calypso (Retro) 64" Classic Patternship

The Calypso, a design from Hanno Prettner was an exercise in simplifying the growing complexity of F3A aerobatic models. It is still a fantastic F3A aerobatic model that won the 1983 World RC Aerobatic Champs. Here's your chance to fly a retro version of the model.

The Calypso performs amazing aerobatic routines with a 60 size two stroke, 90 four stroke or 10cc petrol, or 5 cell electric motor.

Model photo coming soon but enjoy the painting of its namesake by Jan Styka.

see it here

Comet Clipper 96" 91 Size Vintage

The Comet Clipper was a classic free flight design by Carl Goldberg from 1938.

We have taken those classic lines and re-drawn a completely new plan for a 96" 91 four stroke RC version of this classic. Classics like this, especially at 96", make for the most enjoyable and relaxing flying, perfect for the Sunday morning at your club, They almost levitate off the ground and stooge around the sky.

See it here

Titan 62" 60 Size Classic Pattern Ship

The Titan, designed by Clive Weller in 1978, was a new design of pattern ship for the tighter and more difficult manoeuvres being proposed in pattern flying at the time.

At the time the Titan featured a larger, thicker wing and tailplane, resulting in a model which decelerates more rapidly, making the high entry manoeuvres and vertical downward parts a great deal easier.

see it here

The 93" Super Sinbad

see it here

Takahe Build Log On RC Groups

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Hi Pete. Thanks for your prompt attention to my kitset order, it arrived without a mark on it. The laser cutting is the best I've seen, even better than the SIG kit sets I have. I will pass the word around our club over here.

John Grant, New Zealand

Hi Pete. I have finished the Buzzard Bombshell from your semi kit. The accuracy of parts  along with extra strip wood were of top quality. Have finished model in Solarfilm, powered by a Scorpion electric motor, came out all up at 4lbs. 8ozs. Test flew yesterday with only down thrust needed. A great project and a worthy addition to my vintage stable.

Harvey Stiver, New Zealand

Hi Pete. The Slingsby kit has just landed (pun intended). I haven’t had the chance to unpack the laser cut parts yet but going by Darryl’s comments they will fit like a glove. Also the plans are the best I have seen in a long time and I have been modelling for more than 50 years!!

Ian Thompson, Australia