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Miles Magister 82" 120 Size

The Miles M.14 Magister is a British two-seat monoplane basic trainer aircraft built by the Miles Aircraft for the Royal Air Force and Fleet Air Arm.

Our own design of the Miles Magister in 82" 120 size engines includes quick and easy interlocking construction for a simple yet accurate build, along with precise vacuum formed parts to take care of the shapes around the engine cowl and wing fillets.

see it here

Comet Clipper 96" 91 Size Vintage

The Comet Clipper was a classic free flight design by Carl Goldberg from 1938.

We have taken those classic lines and re-drawn a completely new plan for a 96" 91 four stroke RC version of this classic. Classics like this, especially at 96", make for the most enjoyable and relaxing flying, perfect for the Sunday morning at your club, They almost levitate off the ground and stooge around the sky.

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Sunbird 54" or 62" Hand Launch Glider

The Sunbird Glider is another classic design from Dave Thornburg of the Bird Of Time fame. They say the Sunbird was the glider that started hand launch R/C.

In our kit we have included a re-drawn wing plan of two sizes, and extra wing ribs so you may build this glider either to the original 54" size, or scale up to 62"

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Aerotique 57" 25 - 35 Size

The perfect Park Flyer size, the Aerotique captures the look of aviation in it's infancy. It's simple to build flat on the building board, easy to fly, and always attracts attention at the field.

Take offs and landings are a breeze, and it will fly slow and predictable if you like, or run through basic aerobatics with ease. All this while powered by an economical 25 size glow engine or electric equivalent.

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Miss Vintage 59" 25 - 35 Size

Another perfect Park Flyer size, the Miss Vintage is also designed around an economical 25 to 35 size two stroke glow motor, or electric equivalent.

It duplicates the looks, slow and deliberate flight characteristics and realism of an old timer. It's completely reliable, easy to fly and designed to look complicated and yet be quick and easy to build.

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Mini Robot Mk V 36" Low Budget Fun!

The Mini Robot Mk V at 36" wingspan for 049 sized engines is the evolution of the original single channel Vernon Mini Robot.

The kit includes three dihedral braces, allowing you to build a high dihedral wing to make it a docile trainer, or a low dihedral wing for some 3 or 4 channel hot-doggin fun. Build it your way, from 2 to 4 channels.

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Taylorcraft 1/4 Scale 108" 120 - 150 Size

If you're looking for a large, high wing, light aircraft that flies beautifully, then the Taylorcraft BC12-D could be just what you're looking for.

Our model is based on the plan drawn by Phil Kent in 1997, based on Taylorcraft 3 Views and direct measurements from a full size Taylorcraft. The first models built from the plan had very successful competition records winning the Scottish Nationals and the Clubman event at the British Nationals.

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The Aeromaster 48" or 53" Biplane

The Aeromaster, designed in the 1960's by Lou Andrews, has become a solid favourite for those wanting a great looking well behaved biplane.

Our kit includes extra wing ribs to allow you to build either the 48" or 53" wings, which allows you to build the Aeromaster into one of three different wing configurations & sizes!

see it here

Joe Bridi's UFO Joins Our Pattern Lineup

Another classic from designer Joe Bridi, the UFO 65" is the next generation of Pattern Ship following on from the successful Dirty Birdy, in the unending quest for perfection!

The UFO features a swept wing and stabiliser for better roll performance, and a thicker anhedral stabiliser to make the tail more stable in some manoeuvres.

see it here

The 93" Super Sinbad

see it here

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Hi Pete. Thanks for your prompt attention to my kitset order, it arrived without a mark on it. The laser cutting is the best I've seen, even better than the SIG kit sets I have. I will pass the word around our club over here.

John Grant, New Zealand

Hi Pete. I have finished the Buzzard Bombshell from your semi kit. The accuracy of parts  along with extra strip wood were of top quality. Have finished model in Solarfilm, powered by a Scorpion electric motor, came out all up at 4lbs. 8ozs. Test flew yesterday with only down thrust needed. A great project and a worthy addition to my vintage stable.

Harvey Stiver, New Zealand

Hi Pete. The Slingsby kit has just landed (pun intended). I haven’t had the chance to unpack the laser cut parts yet but going by Darryl’s comments they will fit like a glove. Also the plans are the best I have seen in a long time and I have been modelling for more than 50 years!!

Ian Thompson, Australia