About Us & Our Kits

Proudly Made In New Zealand
And Shipped Worldwide

At Hangaronekits we are thrilled to produce an extensive range of laser cut kitsets. Top quality is guaranteed with every kitset, because we hand select our wood stock for each kitset from the best Balsa Wood from Papua New Guinea, and European Plywoods, and the CAD design and laser cutting is done by Andreas Gabler, a top rated Scale Model builder.

Short Kit Or A Complete Airframe Kit

Most of our kitsets are generally available in two options, either a Short Kit, or a Complete Airframe Kit.

A Short Kit includes a full size printed plan and all of the laser cut parts that are required as part of the complete airframe build.

Items such as wing ribs, dihedral joiners, fuselage formers & fuselage parts, doublers, bulkheads and so on.

Every part which is a complex cut is precisely laser cut as per the plan and included in the short kit. Some kits may also include vacuum formed ABS parts like canopies or cowlings.

With a Short Kit, the only items you need to add to the laser cut parts to build a complete airframe are components which are simply cut to length. Parts such as wing spars, wing sheeting or fuselage sheeting for example.

Each Short Kit product description includes a complete list of the additional wood materials which need to be added in order to complete the airframe build. Some of these items you may already have on-hand in your workshop.

A Complete Airframe Kit includes the Laser Cut Short Kit, plus the entire list
of additional materials required to complete the airframe build.

Select this option when adding to your cart to purchase all of the materials required to complete the airframe build.

Every kit includes a full size printed plan. The kits do not include miscellaneous hardware such as pushrods, control horns, hinges, wheels etc. The kit does NOT include an instruction manual. Some kits do have extra construction notes.


Meet the team behind the Hangaronekits.

Hello, I'm Andreas Gabler. I have been a life-long aeromodeller. Alexandra and I have taken over the Business from a long heritage from Brian Borland, via Gwyn & Christina Avenell and now continuing in their legacy to bringing aeromodelling supplies to the market. My primary interest is RC aeromodels from Helicopters to WW1 models.