Novi Arrow 70" 60 Size FAI Classic Pattern
Novi Arrow 70" 60 Size FAI Classic Pattern
Novi Arrow 70" 60 Size FAI Classic Pattern
Novi Arrow 70" 60 Size FAI Classic Pattern

Novi Arrow 70" 60 Size FAI Classic Pattern

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From South Africa, where the art forms are expressed in strikingly elegant lines, comes the Novi Arrow. This internationally renowned FAI pattern bird flies with a gazelle's gracefulness,yetit's a lion in competition designed by John Brink 1970th.

The model brings you an elliptical wing like the much-loved Spitfire!

Does the extra trouble in construction warrant the results? Well­ build one and be convinced it does.

For a start, it looks nice. But the elliptical wing has far more going for it than this. Theoretically, it is supposed to represent the ideal planform from a distribution-of-lift point of view; also it is an effective way of packing in maximum wing area within a given span.

This extra area helps to maintain a reasonable wing loading, especially with the additional weight retracts have brought to pattern planes. Most of the flying in South Africa is at altitudes of 6000ft, in temperatures of 80 to 100F ... so keep it light for similar conditions.


UK Customers - Please note that the short kit does not reach the £135 VAT border threshold and is therefore not available for purchase.


  • Wingspan: 70" / 1778mm
  • Number of channels: 4
  • Recommended engine size: 60 two stroke, 74four stroke or electric equivalent
  • Includes full sized rolled plan and the original construction article
  • Clear Canopy

Materials Required For Short Kit Airframe Completion:
(These materials are included in the Complete Airframe Kit)

  • 2.0 x 100 x 915 Balsa – 16 off
  • 1.5 x 100 x 915 Balsa – 1 off
  • 3.0 x 75 x 915 Balsa – 2 off
  • 1.5 x 75 x 915 Balsa – 2 off
  • 6.5 x 75 x 915 Balsa  - 1 off
  • 3.0 x 6.5 x 915 Spruce – 4 off
  • 9.5 mm sq x 915 Balsa – 1 off
  • 9.5 Triangle x 915 balsa – 3 off
  • 5.0mm sq x 915 Balsa – 3 off



Short Kit Or Complete Airframe Kit?

A Short Kit includes a full size printed plan and all of the laser cut parts that are required as part of the complete airframe build.

Items such as wing ribs, dihedral joiners, fuselage formers & fuselage parts, doublers, bulkheads and so on.

Every part which is a complex cut is precisely laser cut as per the plan and included in the short kit. Some kits may also include vacuum formed ABS parts like canopies or cowlings.

With a Short Kit, the only items you need to add to the laser cut parts to build a complete airframe are components which are simply cut to length. Parts such as wing spars, wing sheeting or fuselage sheeting for example.

A Complete Airframe Kit includes the Laser Cut Short Kit, plus the entire list of additional materials required to complete the airframe build.

Select this option when adding to your cart to purchase all of the materials required to complete the airframe build.

Every kit includes a full size printed plan, and where available the designers original construction notes. The kits do not include miscellaneous hardware such as pushrods, control horns, hinges, wheels etc.