Skinny Bee 48" 29 to 45 Size
Skinny Bee 48" 29 to 45 Size
Skinny Bee 48" 29 to 45 Size

Skinny Bee 48" 29 to 45 Size

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It's back from the 1960's! The Skinny Bee was a popular New Zealand design, a 3 channel aircraft, promoted as "A top contest flyer yet suitable as a trainer". It was New Zealand's answer to the Ugly Stik - A tough Sunday flyer that you could bring out for some fun any time, and keep it together with number 8 fencing wire & duct tape.

So we're bringing the Skinny Bee back with modern materials and laser cut precision. The Skinny Bee 48" is a complete wood kit, so all wood components are included to complete the build.

The only items required to complete the build is a length of 10 SWG Music Wire (K&S 3/32" #506), a pair of 2 1/2" wheels, control hinges & pushrods, motor mount & some fibreglass cloth for the wing joint.

UK Customers - Please note that the kit does not reach the £135 VAT border threshold and is therefore not available for purchase.


  • Wingspan: 48" / 1220mm
  • Number of channels: 3
  • Recommended engine size: 29 to 45 two stroke
  • Includes full sized rolled plan