Double Eagle 62" .60 size
Double Eagle 62" .60 size
Double Eagle 62" .60 size
Double Eagle 62" .60 size
Double Eagle 62" .60 size
Double Eagle 62" .60 size
Double Eagle 62" .60 size
Double Eagle 62" .60 size
Double Eagle 62" .60 size

Double Eagle 62" .60 size

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The Double Eagle is a high performance aerobatic pattern aircraft for .61 cu ins engines with pump or a equivilent electric power train. Span 62in, area 675 sq in, weight 9-1/2 lb.

We have replicated that model using a build up wing, for rigid and light weight construction and utilising moden electric conversion kist or classic IC engines with abundance of power.

With its sleek lines, low-drag aerodynamics, and 9-1/2 lb flying weight, its speed and vertical performance are truly spectacular. With the re design now proven and test flight completed we are happy to have replicated teh classical flying characteristics of this unique classic pattern plane.

The Double Eagle was specifically designed to reduce the major drag producers to a minimum. The basic wing section was chosen for its excellent high-speed/low induced drag characteristics. Also, its relatively thin airfoil section provides a mininum of frontal area drag. The mounting of the wing with its upper surface coincident with the top surface of the: fuselage. provides a smooth airflow transition and eliminates the traditional wing to fuselage buffet area which usuall can be only partially helped with transitional fillets. The wash-out in the wing, though primarily designed to enhance low-speed stability, provides a considerable contribition to a reduction in the induced drag during high-speed flight.


  • Wingspan: 62" / 1575mm
  • Number of channels: 5
  • Recommended engine size: 60 two stroke pump or electric equivalent
  • Includes full sized rolled plan
  • Clear canopy
  • 3d printed pilot bust

Materials Required For Short Kit Airframe Completion:
(These materials are included in the Complete Airframe Kit)

  • 2.0 x 100 x 915 Balsa Sheets x 16
  • 2.0 x 75 x 915  Balsa Sheets x 2
  • 6.5 x 8.0 x 915 Balsa Sticks x 4
  • 3.0 x 5.0 x 915 Balsa Sticks x 4
  • 3.0 x 6.5 x 915 Balsa Sticks x 2
  • 3.0 x 9.5  x 915 Balsa Sticks x 1
  • 6.5 x 9.5 x 915 Balsa Sticks x 1

Additional Accessory recommended

  • Landing Gear (3.5KG Servoless Electric Retractable Landing Gear)
  • .60 Size Engine OR .60 Size electric motor and 100A ESC with 6S 5000mAh (fits perfectly)
  • 4 x Pushrods (dubro)
  • 2x Aileron Servo
  • 1x Rudder Servo
  • 2x Elevator Servo
  • 1x Throttle Servo




Short Kit Or Complete Airframe Kit?

A Short Kit includes a full size printed plan and all of the laser cut parts that are required as part of the complete airframe build.

Items such as wing ribs, dihedral joiners, fuselage formers & fuselage parts, doublers, bulkheads and so on.

Every part which is a complex cut is precisely laser cut as per the plan and included in the short kit. Some kits may also include vacuum formed ABS parts like canopies or cowlings.

With a Short Kit, the only items you need to add to the laser cut parts to build a complete airframe are components which are simply cut to length. Parts such as wing spars, wing sheeting or fuselage sheeting for example.

A Complete Airframe Kit includes the Laser Cut Short Kit, plus the entire list of additional materials required to complete the airframe build.

Select this option when adding to your cart to purchase all of the materials required to complete the airframe build.

Every kit includes a full size printed plan, and where available the designers original construction notes. The kits do not include miscellaneous hardware such as pushrods, control horns, hinges, wheels etc.